StoryOrigins- E-newsletter Builder (Broken Down by Genre)



Welcome to the StoryOrigins giveaway event for Litcon2021.
For those who are not familiar with Story Origins, it is a (currently free) service for authors to build their audiences. You can sign up at

For the LitCon giveaway, we will be dividing the giveaways up by genre and will not have more than 20 items per giveaway. So, for example, if we had 30 people sign up for Fantasy, we would look at your subgenres and break it up into two separate giveaways with the most alike books.

We strongly recommend that if you do not have at least three books in your series, that you do not give away the first book in the series. However, you can create a teaser or prequel sample as a giveaway for this event. We will give guidance and tips on how to promote and share these giveaways during LitCon and will only accept authors who sign up through here to the StoryOrigins.



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