Sales and Marketing Fundamentals for Writers- March 6th, 6 pm EST/ 11 pm GMT/ March 7th 10 am AEDT

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The class is @ 60 minutes with a 30-minute Q&A session which will be recorded and as a part of buying
the class you will receive an invitation to the digital version that will be available online through
Author Essential Workshops, and receive all future updates to the class.

This class covers:
 What is Marketing vs. Sales?
 Branding.
 Ethical and effective marketing.
 Making your pitch (to agents, publishers, and customers)
 Your digital footprint (We will build on this in the Digital Marketing Fundamentals for Writers
and the Small Publishing Industry class).
 Sales & Marketing pipelines.
 Your customer (reader) avatar.
 Non-digital marketing and advertising.
 Indie Publishing distribution channels.

For more information, you can also check out the Business Essentials for Writers book by James P.
Please note, none of the content in this workshop should be construed as specific legal or business
advice. Every need and situation is different, and this content only educates and provides awareness.
James Nettles is an author of science fiction, fantasy, horror, noir, gothic, and contemporary fiction, and
author, speaker, and consultant on privacy, internet security, futurist, entrepreneurial, and business
areas. Coming from a small business background, he has more than 30 years in business and technology
consulting from startup to Fortune 50.
He is also the founder of
 and is a founding member of the

1 review for Sales and Marketing Fundamentals for Writers- March 6th, 6 pm EST/ 11 pm GMT/ March 7th 10 am AEDT

  1. RichardWhite

    Taking these workshops in Nov. has helped me with sales and marketing in a huge way. I was very impressed with the amount of information James gave to us about the writing industry.

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