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Register for LitCon and get directions for setting up your virtual booth for LitCon.

Your virtual booth is the hub of your interactions at LitCon. It is where you can interact with readers, answer questions, give them a chance to get to know you, continue knowing you after the convention, and bring them into your sales funnel.

We also use this information to pair you with a genre manager who will be your point of contact and let you know as new events and items get added to your genre/ event.

These types of things will include such activities as networking moments such as #FFLitConFantasy2021 where we share and promote one another on Twitter as a great set of fantasy authors to follow or a BB promo group to help one another build our followings. Every convention we’ve had have always ended up with tons of great networking opportunities and additional interactions that give you a chance to continue networking and building throughout the year outside of LitCon events. Heidi Angell says that half of her publicity connections are people she met through previous virtual conventions and built a relationship with that she continued to leverage outside the event.

The booths and forums are a key element to LitCon and will remain up long after LitCon weekend is over and will stay up until we start preparing for 2022 LitCon. If you pre-register for 2022 then your booth will remain in 2022 and you just have to update any event-specific content.

We will provide additional training for how to best use your booth as we go along.



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