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We know that LitCon can be a bit overwhelming for authors new to promoting themselves/ authors with limited time. While we try very hard to provide multiple resources for teaching you how to prepare all of this and our volunteers strive to assist as well, sometimes an author just does not have or want to invest the time and energy to learn all this new stuff and would rather pay a personal assistant to help them organize.

We have vetted several of our volunteers and they are happy to assist you with everything to get you set up. From setting up your virtual booth to helping you schedule social media for the event and almost everything in between, our personal virtual assistants are here to help. They have all agreed to offer their services in 15 min increments so you can select as much or as little as you would like.

We estimate that most events will only take about 15 min for an experienced person to set up so we would advise using that as a guide to scheduling.

After we connect you two, if you and the assistant decide you would like additional hours/ support you can set up through their system, or through ours, as you see fit.

For example, some of our volunteers charge their own clients a flat hourly rate while others bill a flat monthly rate or have package deals that may come out being a better fit for your needs and price point.


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