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Haydeez Blackhawk has no idea where she was born or who her parents are. She was found under a statue of the god of the underworld, Hades, in a crumbling temple. The only father she has ever known is Joseph Blackhawk, a Native American hunter banished from his tribe. When she was a baby, he branded her with symbols to make her a more formidable adversary.

Her childhood was anything but normal. Instead of playing dolls and riding bikes, she learned how to use daggers and hunt monsters. When she became an adult, she wanted nothing more than to be a normal girl. She latched onto the first man that showed any interest and married him. She thought that’s what she wanted. She thought she was safe, but she found herself out of place and feeling alone. Her broken marriage only made her stronger. After she left her husband, she took not only his dignity but also his prized possession, a 2005 Harley Davidson Heritage Soft tail Classic. She stopped fighting against everything she knew and began to embrace it. She’s bold, opinionated, and likes her life in a certain way, because if she can control it, it can’t hurt her. Now, she lives and works with her best friend, Linx.

She knows what she is: a hunter. She hunts mythological creatures for money, and she’s good at her job. When monsters are terrorizing people, different councils will contact her to track and trap or kill them. Her least favorite contact is Peter, a representative of a group that calls themselves “The Council”. She tries to be friendly, but Peter just knows how to push her buttons.

In The Wild Hunted, Haydeez is hired by The Council to hunt creatures called trow that are stealing babies. As she interrogates the creature, she finds out that there’s more to this. Peter contacts her again to hunt and kill another creature. When she starts to see a link, she discovers what’s really happening.

In Iron Will, Haydeez continues to hunt creatures released by Pandora. The bloodshed increases and Haydeez has to rely on others to keep her focused. There always seems to be another monster and another hunt. The more creatures she kills, the worse it all gets.



Excerpt from The Wild Hunted:

Haydeez pulled her Jeep right up to the door and stopped the engine. She then reached into the back and pulled out the statue and the light. A shiver rippled over her as the cold air tickled her warm skin.

As she walked up to the entrance, the oak doors opened as if they were welcoming her home.

A tall man in his mid-twenties stood on the other side of the door. He wore ripped jeans with a Def Leppard shirt. His brown hair sprayed in every direction but the right one. “No kiss? And I opened the door and everything,” he said in that familiar British accent.

Haydeez shoved Robley into Linx’s arms and said, “Keep this on him until you get him in that containment unit.” She put the light on top of Robley and walked further into the house, not bothering to close the door. “And make sure to bring in the kids. I’m not fond of frostbite on Bebo.”

“And a hearty ‘hello’ to you too,” Linx huffed as he closed the front door with his foot and flicked on the light with his chin. He tried to balance the statue without falling in the process. “This is our little informant I take it. Kinda heavy for his size.” He turned and followed Haydeez. “Makes me wish I had ‘magical friends’ who could give me strength tattoos,” he added with a strained laugh.

“Sorry. Guess I’m just lucky,” Haydeez said. “Besides,” she began to whisper. “I don’t think my father likes you very much.”

“Great, thanks for that. I already had a feeling but thanks for confirming it for me. By the way, you do know that Bebo is a goat, right? He can stay outside in the barn with the horses.” he said with a grunt as he continued to try to balance everything. His muscles bunched and strained with the awkwardness and weight of the statue. “Honestly, how did you carry this yourself?”



Excerpt from Iron Will:

The front door slammed shut with a loud boom and vibrations that shook the house. Linx looked up, knife in hand, and waited for Haydeez.  He watched as she stormed into the kitchen, almost rip the door off the refrigerator, and then slam it shut.

“Lasagna?” he asked tentatively as he held a plate out to her.

“It was a dog, just a simple dog. It thought I was playing with it. What could the Council possibly want with a dog?” She smacked her hand down. “A dog, Linx! It ran around, tongue hanging out, jumping from tree to tree.” She rubbed her hands over her face. “It could’ve been a puppy and I shot it with lead dust.” Her shoulders slumped. “Did I do the right thing?”

Linx put the plate down and wiped his hands on a towel. He walked around the island and put his arm around her shoulders. “If you beat yourself up every time you trap a creature, you’d be bruised and bloody every waking moment. Trust me, you don’t want to beat yourself up. You hit really hard, I mean, really hard.” He playfully shoved her. With a smile, he added, “Ready to eat? I know you’re hungry. I could hear your stomach growling when you drove up.”

Haydeez chuckled. “It better not have fish in it. You know I hate fish.” She grabbed the plate and turned to leave the room.

“How do you know if you hate it until you try it, love? You don’t do you?” he called after her. “You’d like it the way I cook it. You’ve liked everything else.” He grabbed his plate and followed.

With a smirk, she answered, “You keep telling yourself that. If it helps you sleep at night…” A chime sounded from inside her pocket. She groaned. “Damn it.” She placed her plate on the table and fished her phone out. “Hello?” She rolled her eyes. “Peter, always a pleasure. To what do I owe the honor of your call this evening?” She made a motion with her hand as she impatiently listened to the man on the other end of the call. “Your dog picked up my dog. They should be on their way to you right now.” There was a pause. “Is my money in the account?” Another pause. “No, Peter. Of course I’m not trying to get you off the phone so I can sit down and eat something after being on the road for several hours doing a job for you. Why would you think such a thing?”

Linx chuckled and shook his head. He placed two glasses on the table and pulled a bottle of wine from a nearby rack. With his eyes on Haydeez, he pulled the cork and waited next to the table for her to finish the call.

An audible pop echoed thru the dining room as Haydeez rolled her head back and forth. “I left it in a net, covered in lead dust. It should be fine. Speaking of my awesome toys, you owe me several UV lights from the last little bundle that I shipped out to you. They better not be damaged from mounting them to the inside of that trunk. Think you could have your lapdog send those back to me sometime soon? I use those a lot.” She rubbed her neck and groaned. “Thanks, I’d like them back in one piece, same way you got them.” She pinched the bridge of her nose. “Yea, just ship it and I’ll pick them up.” She hung up the phone and looked at Linx.

He raised the bottle and smiled. “He always makes me want to drink.”

Haydeez laughed and pulled out her chair. “Better fill that glass.”




The Wild Hunted – https://www.blackrosewriting.com/fantasy-paranormal/thewildhunted?rq=the%20wild%20hunted

Iron Will – https://www.blackrosewriting.com/fantasy-paranormal/ironwill?rq=iron%20will




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