Where Magic and Science Collide

Where Magic and Science Collide
$20.95eBook: $6.99Audiobook: $21.83
Genres: Science Fiction, Space Exploration, Space Opera
Publication Year: 2020
Length: 310
ASIN: B088ZXF571
ISBN: 9781684335312
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About the Book

On a distant planet where wizards and enchantments work freely in a medieval world, war suddenly breaks out when the forces of evil throw the world of Ambrasian into chaos. At the same time, an intergalactic ship arrives in orbit to divert a killer asteroid heading toward the planet – only to find no scientific explanation for the events observed on the surface. Where Magic and Science Collide explores the dichotomy of two civilizations – one fully immersed in a world of magic and the other driven by advanced technological innovation.

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