Genre: Children's Imagination & Play Fiction
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780692725658
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About the Book

Zip! Pull! Jump! Shimmy! Into shorts, socks and tees. ‘I got dressed by myself! Look at me, Mom – I’m three!'” Three-year-olds experience the world with unfettered curiosity and energy. This age is known for budding independence and a growing imagination! You may have heard of the “thunderous threes”. It’s a term used to describe this very unique age-and-stage of childhood – the search for more independence coupled with imagination can often lead to more challenges… and more sticky situations! “Three!” is a funny little rhyming book lampooning exactly that! From getting dressed to making a big mess, “Three!” uses fun onomatopoeia and vibrant, playful illustrations to engage little readers in this day-in-the-life of a very busy and imaginative three-year-old boy (and his exhausted momma) as he moves from one adventure to the next… sometimes leaving a SPLASH! CLANK! and CLATTER! in his wake. Any parent of a three-year-old will be able to relate to some (or all) of this little guy’s mishaps, and maybe even use this book as a teaching opportunity to channel their own little one’s newfound independence!

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