The Tenant from Hell (The Realtor Mysteries Book 1

The Tenant from Hell (The Realtor Mysteries Book 1
eBook: $2.99
Genre: Women Slueths
Publisher: Global Authors Publications
Publication Year: 2020
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About the Book

It’s usually just routine for Casey Clark, Property Manager at Peller Realty. When a tenant refuses to pay rent, just evict and move on. Not so with the tenant from Hell. He draws Casey into murder, drug rings, ghosts, Indians, and a hectic trip to Hell in Georgia. Her worst problem of having to deal with her psychic cat, Dixie, not getting along with Casey’s pirate boyfriend’s parrot, changes into scrambling to stay alive.
Excerpt:You might think a property manager at a large real estate firm might have a dull job. Let me tell you, it’s not. Tenants can be some weird characters and owners not much better. I had a feeling today would not be like any other. I had just gotten off the phone with a slightly hysterical lady who wanted Peller to manage her property. “Right now,” she insisted. “You need to get over here quick before Mike kills him.”
The “kills him” part warned me I should not touch this one. The business side screamed, “Go get it before she calls Sunny Side Realty or one of your other rivals.”
Naturally, I wanted that twenty percent commission. Actually I only get half of it, my broker, Lisa Lee Loren, claims the other half between her and the company owner, J. M. Peller.
Among us agents, we thought the J. M. stood for “Jesus” and “Mary” as he played the religious card to the hilt. He was a deacon in his church in Jacksonville, and wanted to give the impression he would never do anything evil.
He didn’t. He had a hatchet man, Dwight Kickum, who did the dirty work.

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