The Last Girls Standing

The Last Girls Standing
$10.00eBook: $3.99
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Independently published
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9798654337917
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About the Book

A SUMMER CAMP. AN UNDEAD KILLER. A FINAL GIRL. YOU MIGHT THINK YOU KNOW THIS STORY. THINK AGAIN… A group of teenagers work as camp counsellors at a recently reopened summer camp. A camp that hides a sinister secret. It’s home to an undead killer. A monster that picks them off one by one, until there’s only one girl left standing. For Ellie Cartwright, that’s not how the story ends. That’s how it begins. Because Ellie’s not the only girl to have faced evil and survived. There are others. And now, they’ve sworn to protect those in danger. They’ve sworn to fight back against the creatures that lurk in the darkness. They are the Last Girls Standing. And Ellie’s journey is just getting started… SURVIVING WAS JUST THE BEGINNING…

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