The Brigands: Players of the Game Book 2

The Brigands: Players of the Game Book 2
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Series: Players of the Game, Book 2
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction
Publisher: Independent
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Length: 423 pages
ISBN: 9798679333345
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About the Book

Some family reunions have arguments. This one has a demon war.

And in the middle of its destruction, Ashe must help his daughter.

She exists as a living ghost. Her body is broken. Inert.

To make her whole, he needs to carve through a dark empire to take back the cure from its leader. Her mother. Ashe’s ex.

The odds are against him. The bloody empress has united the east with demonic armies of super-tech and sorcery. The tattered west possesses only one real advantage. A band of mercenaries renowned for turning many a tide. The Brigands. Ashe is now one of them.

Can Ashe and his allies seize the cure for his daughter from his former lover?

If they hope to prevail, there will be a cost.

What will need to be sacrificed? Who will need to be sacrificed?

Will it be enough?

You’ll love this epic dark science fantasy story, because of the enduring connection between a father and his daughter throughout a desperate war’s chaos.

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