The Boom Show

The Boom Show
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Genre: Mystery
Publication Year: 2020
Length: 15
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About the Book

Quiz shows can be murder.

…and George fears he’s the next contestant to lose.

Will he find a way to survive Boom Show?

Where elders compete to be the last person standing and gain a life of luxury. The losers blow themselves up.

Is George willing to die to get his revenge on a corrupt system?

Or will he win and reap the rewards?

You’ll love this dystopian short story that shows an all too plausible future.

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About the Author
Liz Tuckwell

Liz Tuckwell lives in London, England with her husband. She has an identical twin sister but hasn't published any books about twins so far.

She writes quirky science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Liz loves science fiction particularly time travel and alternate history. She also loves urban fantasy, steampunk, and historical and crime fiction. She enjoys reading, writing, watching films and travelling to far away places.

Liz wrote a novel aged thirteen. Sadly, her father threw out this 'literary gem' while having a clear out while she was at university.

She has had micro fiction published on and She has also had short stories published in several anthologies.

Please contact Liz on or @liztuckwell1 if you have any questions or suggestions. She'd love to hear from you.

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