Speaking to my Depression: A Sequel

Speaking to my Depression: A Sequel
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Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Summitt Publishing House
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9798601791793
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About the Book

Everyone’s story has a beginning, middle and end. Sometimes the middle continues and a sequel has to continue that story. Speaking to my Depression is the sequel to Shattered Glass. A book of poetry expressing the words inside of me that I express much like a conversation with my depression and anxiety. This book continues that conversation and expresses exactly how I feel about my mental health issues and how I deal with them in my poetry.

With a foreword by J.D. Estrada and Joe Compton telling their story of how a man may approach his psychology and mental health.

About the Author
Richard White

Richard White is a pioneer in the self-publishing world. From day one he has taught himself how to do it all. From book covers to marketing, he takes on the role of author, publicist, graphic artist and publisher.

He is a current student at SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) for his BA in Creative Writing in English.

As a personal development life coach, he coaches his clients on becoming a better version of themselves as they pursue their dreams.

He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Perth, NY. Where he mows lawns in the summer and writes during the winter. He enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking. His other passion is being a firefighter and EMT in his community.

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