Sorry, Bestie

Sorry, Bestie
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Genre: Teen YA
Publisher: WestBow Press
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781664212527
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About the Book

Fifteen-year-old Lacy is a ninth grader who has been nurturing a secret crush on a boy for a long time and doing her best to avoid playing sports. Unfortunately as a new year begins at her Christian school, her troubles immediately start piling up. Last year, she knew who her real friends were. But now, Lacy feels more alone than ever. Even worse yet, there are bullies lurking everywhere.

Depressed and lonely, Lacy cannot help but feel bad about herself when she realizes her so-called friends are leaving her out of all their fun activities. Determined to persevere through her daily challenges, Lacy holds her head high and tries to act cool around her crush, even when she has no one to sit with at lunch. But when bullies attack the new girl, her one new friend, Lacy must decide whether to stay silent or lose her friend, just like last time.

In this inspirational young adult novel, a Christian high school student who must stand up to bullies to save her friend may just find someone else in the process: herself.

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