Sorcerer’s Choice: Book Three of Home Summonings (Volume 3)

Sorcerer’s Choice: Book Three of Home Summonings (Volume 3)
$13.95eBook: $3.99
Series: Home Summonings, Book 3
Genres: Dark Fantasy Horror, Fantasy
Publisher: Independent
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 288
ISBN: 9781546700616
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About the Book

Sorcerer’s Choice (Also published as Unbound and Determined) – Greyson Forrester, born and raised to be a powerful wizard, has survived his trial but left with bigger mysteries behind it all than before. Discovering the trial was just the first battle in a much longer war, and the veils between the realms nearly impenetrable, Grey’s lost everything and is again on the run, trying to keep a tenuous hold on life and discover if his restored powers are a gift or a curse. Lost, injured, and alone, someone makes the offer he can’t refuse. To save the two women he loves, and amend for the trail of destruction in his wake, all he has to do is one little job. One thing is certain. The ferryman’s price is a lot more expensive on the return trip from the land of the dead. The Home Summonings series is a dark comedy set where gods and monsters, angels and demons, and obnoxious faerie are all trying to make their way in the world that has dismissed them as myth, or worse forgotten them. Now, some of them want to be remembered.

About the Author
James P. McDonald

James Nettles (Writing fiction as James P. McDonald) has a thirty-year career consulting for dozens of clients from startups to Fortune 100's, media contributor, speaker on privacy, futurism, coming disruptive technologies and their impact on businesses and individual daily lives, and is a science fiction and fantasy author. He is also a founding partner for Author Essentials.

In addition, having started writing in media and journalism, he has contributed to and written hundreds of articles and now develops content and materials for personal and professional development, technology, privacy issues, and Artificial Intelligence. He also is a science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary fiction author, using his background in cultural anthropology and sociology. His current series are the Home Summonings and Longbow Initiative urban fantasy series, and soon to be released technothriller series under the name James P. McDonald.

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