Son Of No One (The Barrier Of Mibekel Book 1)

Son Of No One (The Barrier Of Mibekel Book 1)
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Series: The Barrier Of Mibekel, Book 1
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Daryl J Ball; 1st edition
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Length: 126 pages
ISBN: 9780995966833
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About the Book

Kar is a survivor. As a half-human, half-elf, he is a walking target. Since the human invasion, the myriad races of Mibekel hate anything associated with their old rivals. That includes Kar. Bitter over his fate, he undertakes a journey…to kill his human father.To cross the Barrier, a mystical boundary that separates Mibekel from the humans, Kar steals a powerful gem that negates magic. That choice pits him against a powerful sorcerer–a sorcerer who wants the gem and will stop at nothing to get it. With bodies piling up, Kar has to take a stand. After everything he has endured, he might be the only one capable of saving Mibekel and its people.

About the Author
Daryl J Ball

Creator of stories exploring vampires, elves, and magic. Perpetually owned by a cat and staring at a computer deep in the bowels of Southwestern Ontario, Canada

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