Shadows of Twilight: Shadow Lords Series: Volume 3

Shadows of Twilight: Shadow Lords Series: Volume 3
$10.35eBook: $4.99
Genres: Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery
Publisher: Independent
Publication Year: May 5, 2020
ISBN: 9798632765558

An Unexpected Transformation... The Seventh Companion... A Kidnapping... An Ancient Dragon Hall and the face of betrayal.

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About the Book

The use of the Guardian Stone to bring about Skylan’s early change into his Falcarian form has unleashed a mysterious magic around him. Shrouded in a white mist, hidden from view as the magic takes control, no one can imagine what is lurking within.
A carefree walk in the woods finds three friends missing along a snowy path, nowhere to be found while the Black Riders plot a kidnapping in hopes of obtaining the Blood Magic they desperately need to free the Shadow Lords once more.
The destiny of the Blood Key group leads to an adventure through a long lost Dragon Hall, to the shocking revelation of the face of betrayal within their mists and their first sight of the prophesied Blood Stones.
Does Skylan emerge unscathed? How do the three friends disappear and where to they go? Who do the Black Riders kidnap and do they steal the blood they need? Who is the spy who has deceived them for so long? …And will a prison, and the evil it contains, be broken and freed once again?

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