Genre: Horror
Publisher: Independently published
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9798616221308
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About the Book

Alex Bonne has seen and been through almost everything in life. From crime to death, punishment to rehab, Alex has seen and experienced it all. Alex has tried to change for the better though since his incarceration in a rehabilitation institution. However, when Alex wakes up one day after a particularly fraught night, the world appears to have changed around him instead. From the people in and around the institute to the outside world, suddenly everything is different, all of a sudden, it seems the entire world has changed, not just Alex. Now not only does Alex not recognise the world he now lives in, but soon enough, he may not even recognise himself either. He needs to find out, to determine what has happened and what the hell is going on and most importantly, try and figure out how to stop it all before there is nothing left and he is the only one to understand what it was and why. There may be a cure to the madness, but that cure may just require more from Alex than he bargained for. Can Alex be the man he always hoped to be, or will he end up being just the same as he always has been. Or worse still, will he even survive at all?

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