Repenter: The Hidden Chapters: Players of the Game Book 1.5

Repenter: The Hidden Chapters: Players of the Game Book 1.5
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Series: Players of the Game, Book 1.5
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction
Publication Year: 2020
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About the Book

Dungeon crawling for treasure is easy. Talking to an estranged mother to get it, much less so.

Ashe has a list of invaluable items he will do anything to obtain: herb pipes that grant immortality, a super-tech wand that projects black globes of annihilation, and a certain arcane axe.

The parent who abandoned him is just the first step. He will have to deal with a sorceress he cannot trust. And parlay with an eccentric and dangerous lizard man.

Learn how Ashe added to his collection of rarities in this anthology of supplemental chapters to Repenter. He will make enemies along the way. But he might also stumble his way into a few friendships.

Such is the nature of fortune hunting.

You’ll enjoy these short stories, because of their crisp dialogue and intriguing connections to the main novel. This anthology contains no spoilers to Repenter and can be read in advance of the other Players of the Game stories.

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