Repenter: Players of the Game Book 1

Repenter: Players of the Game Book 1
$9.99eBook: $3.99
Series: Players of the Game, Book 1
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction
Publisher: James McGowan; 2nd edition
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Length: 300 Pages
ISBN: 9798668000234

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About the Book

Sometimes the worst person is the best man for the job.

Ashe is a fortune hunter without peer. His fire magic is renowned throughout the many realms. He burns through anything and anyone between him and the treasure’s he seeks. Ashe’s competence is matched only by his cruelty.

No one would mistake him for a hero.

Despite his flaws, he is a dark world’s best hope against the rise of a darker empire. One commanded by his sadistic former lover and her legions of demons. Ashe wants nothing to do with her escalating war. But, their long-lost daughter has other ideas.

She needs Ashe’s help against another dire threat.

It blows on the wind amidst the armed bedlam of dark magic and super tech. A sentient disease lost by the warrior sect that raised his child.

It wants new victims.

And Ashe’s ex will gladly supply them for its allegiance.

Will the man with the hottest fire be able to stop the world from burning? Does he stand a chance if he doesn’t strive to be better, to repent?

You’ll love this epic story, because of its compelling characters and its blend of dark fantasy with heroic science fiction.

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