Moose Pond Lodge

Moose Pond Lodge
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Genres: Contemporary Women's Fiction, Mothers & Children Fiction, Women's Divorce
Publisher: Windyside Books
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 218
ASIN: B0792M6G2D
ISBN: 9780692992227
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About the Book

When Molly gets the call her father has passed away, she must return to the one place she swore she never would–Moose Pond Lodge.
With a ten-year-old daughter in tow and an ex-husband in the rearview mirror, Molly heads to Maine to sell the resort that was her childhood home. When she arrives, Molly discovers her alcoholic father didn’t just let his relationship with his daughter fall to the wayside, he let the resort fall into disarray also.
Molly and her high school crush, Zack Preston, work to revive the resort so she can sell it and make a fresh start elsewhere. However, as they repair the resort, sparks fly and Molly not only begins to fall in love with Zack, but also back in love with the home she left behind more than a decade earlier.
Once the resort is ready for tourist season and a possible sale, Molly is forced to face her own vices and fears as she decides whether to stay in Maine or flee once again.

About the Author
Karri Moser

Karri L. Moser is a fiction and freelance writer. She has written for magazines, newspapers, the U.S. Army, as well as marketing firms and other organizations. Karri has also ghostwritten fiction in the romance and self-help genre.

As an Army wife and daughter, she has lived in several regions of the United States, which has provided an overflowing well of stories, settings, and characters for her fiction.

Karri currently lives and works in Maine. She draws inspiration from the small coastal tourist towns, beaches, and the unique history and culture of New England.

She is the author of The Weathering of Sea Glass, Moose Pond Lodge, and the sequel to Moose Pond Lodge--The Thriving of Willows. When Karri isn't writing, she loves to run, paint, garden, and tour around New England, all with a hot hazelnut coffee in her hand.

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