Mistress of the Rock

Mistress of the Rock
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Genres: Greek & Roman Myth & Legend, Historical Fantasy
Publisher: Rockhill Publishing LLC; Revised ed. edition
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: B0725R32DR
ISBN: 9781945286148
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About the Book

All is fair in love and war. Or is it?

For Richard Cole, ex-veteran of the First Gulf War, the memories of conflict have become the nightmares of his reality, and only by confronting them can he begin to live again.

He returns to the Island of Cyprus some twenty years later to where it all began, for a vacation with his wife, Julie. But a chance discovery places him in a dilemma, as he learns that Greek Gods and mortals should never mix.

Now, with Richard powerless to stop the momentum of a phenomenon that tests him to his limits, challenging all that he knows and loves against a fantasy of myth and legend, he must struggle to find the truth between what is real and what is not; but at what cost?

On the island of love, one man’s obsession turns to possession, as his mind, body, and soul are trapped between two worlds and two women.

‘The Mistress of the Rock is a very possessive spirit; she does not give her affections lightly.’ As Richard Cole is about to discover.


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