Missing : Gone but not Forgotten

Missing : Gone but not Forgotten
eBook: $4.99
Genre: legal thriller
Publisher: Global Authors Publications;
Publication Year: 2020
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About the Book

Based on an actual abduction that has never been solved filled with drugs, violence, and lies.
“Missing– Gone but not Forgotten.” is about the abduction of a little girl in a rural Florida community. Drugs, family feuds, underage sex, and lots of lies abound. Since this is a fictionalized version, my biggest challenge is to keep it exciting and still true to the real life case upon which the story is based. Another big challenge is when I have my protagonists give their opinions as to what really happened to the missing child, is to be able to back up their ideas with facts that they have already learned. In their investigation, The real life case has never been solved. I lived in the county the abduction occurred at one time, and followed the case from day one, so it feels very personal.

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