Iron Will

Iron Will
$17.95eBook: $5.99
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Publication Year: 2021
Length: 194
ISBN: 9781684336555
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About the Book

Another day, another creature. But are they really all bad?

While Pandora is still on the loose, Haydeez and Linx try to get ahead of the game. But when multiple creatures pop up and start hunting children, it always feels like they’re just playing catch-up. Haydeez races against the clock to prevent a monstrous creature from eating children, while Linx hunts down a key component in Pandora’s plan: a rare phenix egg.

Unfortunately for the people of Boston, Pandora isn’t staying quiet. She uses her time to release one of the most feared creatures in Greek mythology, and she needs a family to house its spirit.

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