Horizon Found (Relic Trilogy Book 2)

Horizon Found (Relic Trilogy Book 2)
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Genres: Science Fiction, Teen & Young Adult Time Travel
Publisher: Dragon Bane Publishing
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781954603042
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About the Book

Duff Roman has managed the unthinkable—saving the orphanage where he grew up. But his trials are far from over.

The second book in the Blood Relics series pits Duff against his enemy Ravenne once more, but the very ground on which they battle is becoming increasingly unstable, and the time particles, Relics, and Seers that fuel the economy are disappearing.

As Duff works to save his world, his efforts are complicated by the arrival of Willow, a Seer who Ravenne believes took her daughter the day she died—and in whom Duff has more than a passing interest.

Duff and Z-Crew team up with a long-hidden group of scientists working to save them all, while Ravenne continues her endless efforts to discover what really happened to her daughter.

About the Author
Claudia Blood

Award-winning author Claudia Blood blends her science and IT background with a life-long passion for Dungeons and Dragons to pen Epic Fantasies and sci fi sagas.

Contact me through AuthorClaudiaBlood@gmail.com
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