Honour Lost (The Barrier Of Mibekel Book 2)

Honour Lost (The Barrier Of Mibekel Book 2)
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Series: The Barrier Of Mibekel, Book 2
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Daryl J Ball; 1st edition
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Length: 135 pages
ISBN: 9780995966888
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About the Book

Responsibility brings with it a heavy burden. Though Kar remains resolute in his quest to cross the Barrier and kill his father, the target on his own back threatens to crush him. Kar and his allies need time to rest and regroup. Revenge will have to wait. Time is short and the list of options is shorter: The elven military is poised to haul Kar away the moment he leaves the protection of the paladin Arakanar. While stalling the inevitable confrontation so his new charge, the young mage Camyani, can strengthen her magic, old secrets are revealed. Kar learns the origins of the Dark Elves and new truths about the gods he’s forsaken. With everything he knew about his very existence now in question, Kar must decide what matters most—resuming his quest or protecting those he cares about most.

About the Author
Daryl J Ball

Creator of stories exploring vampires, elves, and magic. Perpetually owned by a cat and staring at a computer deep in the bowels of Southwestern Ontario, Canada

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