Good Enough

Good Enough
Genres: Fiction, Literature Fiction, Teen YA
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Year: 2018
Length: 462
ISBN: 9781980967866
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About the Book

Lisa McIntyre is a high school junior trying to survive the everyday stressors of junior year. Secretly a romantic, Lisa is also equally yearning for a relationship. Through an unexpected introduction, Lisa meets Tiegan Carpenter. Handsome, intelligent, ambitious, and brave, Tiegan has all of the qualities that Lisa has been looking for in an ideal partner. Too good to be true, Lisa can’t believe her good fortune in finding her soul mate so early in life. When college becomes the sole focus for both Lisa and Tiegan, their relationship is challenged in ways that were not expected. Tensions run high as the once-power couple faces new obstacles they never thought they would experience. As Tiegan starts to change, Lisa begins to wonder if she ever really knew him at all. When Lisa begins to question everything she thought she knew about Tiegan, she is left with one glaring question: What will it take to be good enough for him?Poignant, powerful, and glaringly honest, the story of Lisa and Tiegan are based on true events that will make readers wonder what exactly it takes for someone to be “good enough,” if such a thing really even exists at all…

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