Danger in Bass Clef

Danger in Bass Clef
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Genres: Fiction, Romance Action and Adveture
Publisher: Justice Served Neat Productions LLC; 1st edition
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 158
ASIN: B073V7MP77
ISBN: 9780996775854
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About the Book

Johnny Scotch makes his novel debut in “Danger in Bass Clef”. Filled with high octane, pulp driven action and adventure, all with a hint of jazz and scotch soaked fun.

Johnny finds himself in the middle of an underground racing club when Cass, his rollerderby dynamo, barges into his bar to ask for his help in retreiving her bass from a band of goons. Before Johnny knows it he is punching his way through Bridge City’s goon squad to uncover where Cass’s bass has gone to as well as getting her out of the company of thugs she has become associated with.

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