Beyond The Breach: Battle of the Banshees

Beyond The Breach: Battle of the Banshees
$15.00eBook: $2.99
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Independently published
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9798584514433
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About the Book

One year after Laraya battled her way home from a horrifying alternate reality created from her childhood nightmares, she finds her dreams haunted once more by visions of the banshee intent on hunting her. The guardians of the world she left behind, the Naman, are calling out to her, in her dreams, in desperation. The banshee is slaughtering the innocents of that world in an effort to pull her back.

Her nightmares are calling her back to the breach, to battle once more, for the innocent and for everything she holds dear. The Naman, the Jackflies and the Pretty Things all aid her in waging war on the murderous banshee that is determined to be unleashed in her reality.

Will she defeat the evil that haunts her world before it destroys her?

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