Amplification (The Barrier Of Mibekel Book 3)

Amplification (The Barrier Of Mibekel Book 3)
Series: The Barrier Of Mibekel, Book 3
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Daryl J Ball
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Length: 128 pages
ISBN: 9781999247423
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About the Book

What’s in a gnome? The power to cast and weave illusions, as bestowed upon the young mage Camyani. Her newfound abilities will bring half-elf Kar an advantage when he finally crosses the Barrier to rid all worlds of his human father. Now, the fallout from a radical move to elude the elven military separates Kar from his allies, landing him in peculiar circumstances. Confronted by a side of himself he never thought to see, Kar bides his time with clever candor while weighing his chances of surviving long enough to meet his true destiny.

Their resources pushed to the brink, Camyani and ex-paladin Arakanar enlist an unlikely saviour to rescue Kar. At great risk of unravelling their crude accord without Kar’s virtuous pursuit of justice to bind them, this odyssey will test the limits of loyalty.

About the Author
Daryl J Ball

Creator of stories exploring vampires, elves, and magic. Perpetually owned by a cat and staring at a computer deep in the bowels of Southwestern Ontario, Canada

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