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Genres: Cyberpunk Science Fiction (Books), Dystopian
Publisher: RhetAskew Publishing
Publication Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781949398144

“I didn’t mean to kill them.”

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About the Book

“I didn’t mean to kill them.”

In Heaven’s Light, the difference between a genetic Gift and an Abnormality is determined by the number of credits in your parent’s bank account. Gifts are reserved for the wealthy, and Abnormals are terminated—in the parent’s best interest, of course. Clare Rhodes is used to life under the radar. She uses her abnormality on a stranger at the club and finds an oil-slick of nightmares. The horrific visions invade her mind as she slips deeper… Knives. Fists. Fire. He knows more about her than anyone should. He even knows her Norm-ID is a fake.

She didn’t mean to kill him. On the run and off the grid are Clare’s only options.

Too bad she’s being tracked…

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