56 Seconds

56 Seconds
Genre: Horror
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 1726074544
ISBN: 9781726074544
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About the Book

So much can happen in 56 seconds, 4 seconds shy of a minute……a life of lingering lust, and love lost in the night. Everything and nothing, all in such a short amount of time.A neon-drenched fever dream that explores the noisy underbelly of EBM clubs, flesh obsessions, excessive alcohol consumption, and the perversions that fire off like exploding synapses. Warehouses soaked in a collective sweaty wetness slowly churn thick into a honey that sticks forever to the tongue. Flies consume the sweet stenches in search of their own love to turn bitter. Two members of the opposite sex wander through a haze of artificial fog to tango with lost pleasures – weaving a tapestry of footwork that twists time around the hands on the clock: 56 seconds. Repeated, like too many revolutions in a twirl. And the most important of all: love/lust lost in technology – cellphones with cameras, romance left to rewind and highlight the isolated pleasures of pain, then snapshot the few seconds lost – to remember for 56 seconds, and a lifetime. Deleted. Blocked. Rejected.Dani Brown concocts a tale that is the literary equivalent of Gaspar Noe’s work in cinema. A true l’enfant terribles in pique-form, as she controls her prose with a true purpose: exploring the seedy side of human nature, Brown shows us a world with bright strobing lights, loud music, sex-fueled aggressions, and the disturbances that come with living in a technological world. Never has so much happened in less than a minute than the steamy madness of 56 Seconds. Enter through the dilapidated door and witness this eerily erotic, darkly comedic, and excessively strange story that would satiate the palettes of Andy Warhol and Bosch alike. Prepare to get WET. Don’t put your tongue on the STICKY stuff.

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