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Kimberly created her first videogame back when the 80-column card was the new hot thing. This turned a literary love of science fiction into a full blown obsession with the intersection of technology and humanity.

Today she spends her day-job time in VR, lectures on the intersection of art and code for UCSC’s master’s degree program and writes science fiction about how all these app-driven superpowers are going to change the human race. You can find her on Twitter at @Ing3nu or on her blog at



Operator Helen Vectrovitch botched contact with the first civilization we’ve encountered between the stars. Now this expert waldo jockey is charged with preventing an interstellar war on a nanotechnological scale.

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I enjoyed the brief reading (#6) from Nucleation. There are some high concepts in even this brief excerpt. The "waldo" for example. I'll be looking into it further!