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Aerodynamic Drag: Poetry and Short Fiction


"★★★★★ A raw, emotional read for those who want to explore writing at its finest and humanity at its worst" -Poet Rachel Sheng

Aerodynamic Drag is a collection of poetry and short fiction by award winning poet M. A. Dubbs. Aerodynamic Drag explores themes of sexuality, religion, mental illness, and nihilism. Dubbs' writing is vivid and evocative, encasing the duality of beauty and brutality of life.

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About M. A. Dubbs


M. A. Dubbs (she/her/her's) is an award winning LGBT and Mexican-American poet from Indiana. Dubbs' poetry and fiction has been published in various literary magazines including Nanoism, Tipton Poetry Journal and BackBone Press. Her poem "Indiana Night" won first place in the 2012 Melba Geoffroy Poetry Contest and her poem "Slash-and-Burn won "Best of Poetry" award in the 2014 edition of Genesis.

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Congratulations to a fellow Hoosier and poet on winning awards with your poetry.