What to expect from LitCon 2021

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For those who aren’t familiar with virtual book conventions, it can be hard to decide to commit to something that you’ve never experienced. As many of us have limited time and resources, we totally understand that investing your time and money to promote your book/ blog/ services/ publishing house at something you’re not familiar with can be quite scary.

So let us lay out some groundwork for you on what you can expect from LitCon 2021.

What is a Cyber Book Convention?

LitCon was birthed from attendees of several other book conventions who wanted to see it keep going, despite those other conventions going by the wayside.

Are you looking for a way to get in front of the right bookish people at the right time, but feel lost and frustrated with marketing? Well, then you definitely want to learn more about LitCon.

This is a virtual book convention, allowing you, and readers, to participate from the comfort of their own home. (Because we know that as fun as traditional conventions are, it is just WAY too peopley out there! And last we checked, Covid cannot be spread through virtual meetings.)

LitCon is a wonderful way to network with fellow authors, publishers, service providers, book bloggers, and most importantly readers. Previous virtual conventions that the board have worked with, we’ve seen between 800


and 2,000 participants and seen traffic in the thousands during the weekend of the events.

Getting in front of all those readers is a great opportunity, but the best part of the convention for authors is all the before-the-events interaction that allows you to network with fellow book industry professionals, learn great marketing skills, get great tips, and have lots of time to plan and put those skills and tips into action to promote your involvement in the convention!


What Kinds of Events to Expect

The fun of LitCon is that while there are key events that we have every convention, there are also new fun events being added every year. Currently we have the traditional staples of a convention such as live panels, blog hops, workshops, story-time, takeovers, cover wars, and more. We also plan on some new fun events such as a Booktube tag. Be sure to check out the store and sign up for the events as they become available.

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Why the Cost?

That is a great question. As you will see, many of the events are absolutely free. Many of us started our author’s journey with little to no budget and we never want to turn authors away simply because they don’t have the money to pay. Virtual conventions like this are how many of us built up enough following to finally be able to invest in ads and we want to give you the same opportunity. Other events are free but ask for a donation to be made to the event manager so that they can use those funds to run paid ads for the event. We do this because we know that while grassroots efforts can work, money helps cut through a lot of the noise on the internet.  Others have a flat fee associated with them and they explain how the funds are used to pay for administrative fees, tech and equipment, and advertising which is how we keep growing our attendee numbers year after year.  We also charge for many of the workshops because we have to pay the professionals who are giving their time and energy to help you grow. We always strive to keep the cost as low as possible so that we can meet every budget.

How do I Decide What Events are Right for Me?

We know that participants come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tech whizzes and others are technophobes. Some are extroverts and love being on camera and others are shy and prefer focusing on their characters instead of themselves. We’ve tried to be clear on the descriptions to give you a sense of what each event will entail. We are also doing this series which will let you know more about each type of event in detail to help you get a better sense of that. Have questions? Feel free to join our LitCon Facebook Group and ask. One of us will do our best to answer.

What’s Next?

From now through February 15th we are working on recruiting authors, bloggers, publishers, service providers, agents, and other industry professionals, getting events set up and volunteers in place to help have an amazing event.  Please share this with your friends in the industry and invite them to join as well. Want to volunteer? We would appreciate your support. The more volunteers we have, the lighter the workload for everyone and the more fun we can all have!

Look forward to seeing you at LitCon!