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LitCon is a nonprofit Literature Cyber Convention. This virtual convention set up for authors, readers, editors, agents, publishers, bloggers, and writers to all meet annually to share their work and talk about books. LitCon 2021 will kick off on  March 5th, 6th, 7th and will have fun blog hops, panels, webinars, workshops, Twitter tags, cosplay events, for you to enjoy all weekend long. 

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March Book of the Month

Becky Jones is as independent as they come, a marketing executive determined to succeed on her own terms. But her career plan goes sideways when two men try to kill her – and her rescuer whisks her away to an enchanted realm. Her realm. In Tsinia she is Thya, heir to the throne and gifted with magical abilities, destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Her people are kind and peaceful, desperate to forget the evil that looms over them. When she refuses a betrothal to an enemy prince to stop the oncoming war, her act of rebellion sparks old tensions and threatens the future of the kingdom. As well as battling to save her kinsmen, she is battling with a power within her that is threatening to take over her body, mind, and soul. All while falling for one whose heart she can never have. Thya must find a balance between her needs and those of her people, but in order to do so, she must fight against destiny itself – and forge her own fate, no matter the cost. Illusional Reality is the mesmerizing first book in the Illusional Reality fantasy duology. If you like strong female leads, captivating court politics, and a dash of forbidden romance, then you’ll love Karina Kantas’s enthralling fable.


Heidi Angell
Heidi Angell Fantasy Genre Manager Newsletter and Author Services
Phoebe Darqueling
Phoebe Darqueling Sci-Fi Genre Manager and Graphics
Stacy Overby - Graphics
James Nettles Business Essentials and Workshop Panelist
Richard White CEO- CTO Poetry and Author Services Panelist

Meet our Volunteers

Timothy Bateson Author- Storytelling
Karina Kantas
Karina Kantas European Staff/ YA Fantasy Storyteller and interviewer
Joe Compton Show Host and LitCon Lounge Moderator